World on a Napkin – Durian Addiction


“It’s a very smart fruit. You can never pick it from a tree. No, it comes to you when it’s ready. When it’s sweet and soft it just falls from the tree. And our people love it. We put it in our houses to give nice smell, we enjoy it  and we miss it when we’re away. It’s called the king of fruits and you can tell why. However some people can be put off by the smell.”

“Well, I am.”

This is a conversation I had in Pahang, by the side of the road with some durian vendor. She was very convincing and I tried some. Thankfully I will spare you the details. The durian in the picture is sold on the streets of London’s China Town.

I dedicate this post to AMC who is a durian addict and kindly tell her that there are a lot of good things to eat in London that cost £7.99 or less.

This being said – please share with me your durian stories. I know you want to.

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