Kia Ora! Rotorua’s finest: Prince’s Gate Hotel

The Prince’s Gate boasts beautiful Victorian looks with a splendid veranda surround and a patterned woodworked façade.

We stumbled upon Prince’s Gate Hotel late one night, coming from Waihi, after a full day of filming and taking the wrong turns on the road to Rotorua. It was grand, imposing and most importantly, open, though we didn’t think we could afford it. To our surprise the rate was more than reasonable and thus started our affair with the most amazing hotel in New Zealand.

It is a bit overwhelming when you enter the large lobby, it’s like some rich people’s living room from a by gone era. It even has a staircase that leads from the “living room” up to the next level where the actual rooms are located, everyone of them opening to a cool veranda where you could have your morning coffee or that very important chat just before going to bed. We stayed there nights, me and my team, and we would have stayed longer, schedule permitting.

Didn’t have anything but breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant but they advertise delicious treats for lunch and dinner, cabaret nights and high tea. Do check it out when you are in the area. (more…)

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