A little place in Bangkok

Praya Palazzo from the river

You can find pockets of silence even in the chaos of Bangkok. I swear. My personal pocket of silence is Praya Palazzo. A boutique hotel where personal service and a familiar sense of home prevails. It’s isolated from the craziness by the river – in fact you can only get to it by boat, and its small size means just one thing – no package tourists.

Towards the river

It’s got luxurious yet simple rooms, a great swimming pool complete with a cozy pool bar, an excellent restaurant and, above all, the friendliest owners ever – well travelled and well versed in dealing with tourists. CNN Go filmed there and so did I last year when filming for “Muson” in Bangkok.

Why should you stay there? Because it offers that quintessential non-Bangkok experience in the middle of, well, Bangkok. Avoid it if – it’s your first time in Bangkok and want to go crazy on Khao San. Praya Palazzo is the place to savor Bangkok not to gulp it.

Time to relax

and get some sleep

The hotel as a building and as a concept has a story that is better found out when you visit the place. It’s bitter, sweet and spicy like the dishes on the menu of its restaurant where it is written on huge posters framed and hanged on the walls.

The hall towards the main restaurant


Praya Palazzo

757/1  Somdej Prapinklao Soi 2  Bangyeekan,  Bangkok  10700,  Thailand
Telephone: +662-883-2998  or  +6681-402-8118
Fax: +662-883-1855
Email: [email protected]


Very nice. Thank you


This is Thailand!


Praya Palazzo a fost in penultima zi de Muson. Adi a fost invitat sa gateasca acolo iar eu am descoperit un loc nascut din dragoste. Povestea conacului transformat azi in hotel incepe cu secole in urma cand Tailanda inca se numea Siam. A fost construit de un comerciant chinez pentru el si familia sa numeroasa. Mai tarziu cladirea a gazduit o casa de copii iar apoi, incet, incet a fost lasata in paragina. Pana in urma cu cinci ani cand un arhitect din Bangkok a decis sa cumpere locul si sa-l transforme in ceea ce e azi ca dar de dragoste pentru sotia sa. Arhitectul a murit (more…)

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