World on a Napkin – Lounge Talk

Siddharta Lounge - photo courtesy of Grosvenor House Dubai

Great place for a quiet drink and a loud conversation

“Well, actually, being kidnapped in Nigeria is not such a bad experience. I’m not saying it could be fun, but, at least, the kidnappers will treat you right. They’re not interested in you, man, all they want is the money.”
“I mean they will ask you to fake pain and torture during some phone calls, but that is nothing, just to squeeze more money quickly, and I think you could do it, as a presenter you should be trained to do such stuff and be credible… Anyway, I’m not saying that it’s all fun and laughter but it kind of is… Oh, Nigeria – you should definitely go and visit, the most amazing country and the friendliest people. I can hook you up with people if you actually get there.” (more…)

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