Winter at the Zoo

‘Cause there’s nothing more entertaining than a winter day at the zoo. Of course, not all the animals enjoy freezing temperatures, but hey, we paid to see them! So they better move their lazy behinds from the warmth of their cribs to the open air of the enclosure so we can snap a photo of them.

The Zoo I went to couple of days ago is in Amneville, France. Huge, well organized and boasting a vast array of animals from all corners of the earth. Entrance fee is 27 EUR/adult. This being said, you’re better off going in the summer. But then again, any time is a good time to go to the zoo. Enjoy the photos!

Amneville Zoo, 1 Rue du Tigre 57360 Amnéville les Thermes, France


Better follow the arrows so: 1. you won't get lost, 2. you get to see all the animals


It's easy!


Just tired or maybe bored? Tried shouting at them but they ignored me.

Little restless, hungry monkey


The tiger!


The hippo about to be fed


And look what he eats!


Beautiful cats


Too busy to pose. Well, elephants...


Turtles in the mood for love


It's the head


And the body


And the party


The rhino makes such a mess


The sun gets in the way. Urgent need of some sunglasses


It's lonely at the top


The elusive red panda


Thank God the skunk was asleep.


Some big birds were moving freely


Others were having a day at the beach


The pony was half asleep


And the strangest encounter


OMG, it's real, it does exist!


The croc was huuuge


And the orangutans were in a playful mood


The Siberian tiger longing for snow. I guess.


One white wolf was thirsty


Of course there were camels as well.


And some petite kangaroos... wallabies, I guess.


And they have lions as well but by the time I saw them, the batteries in my camera were dead. Next time! Or next zoo!


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